Speaking of artists working outside their mediums

I’ve just now seen the most recent issue of Aperture Magazine, which supposedly for the first time ever features, not a photograph, but a drawing on the cover. The issue showcases drawings by the photographer William Eggleston. I remember a year or two ago seeing the movie William Eggleson In the Real World which is a documentary that consists primarily of a camera following Eggleston around as he makes photographs, plays music, talks with friends and family, and in one scene he scribbles on some paper while talking with a woman who I believe was a former mistress of his. Eggleston’s friend holds the drawing up to the camera. The narrator has nothing to say about the drawing, but I’ve been curious about Eggleston’s drawings ever since. I’m curious if anyone else has seen these drawings and what your thoughts might be.

link to aperture

link to William Eggleston in the Real World


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