We Invite You to Participate:

Us workers at the Meat Market ask all who are reading this post to participate in an online dialogue. The dialogue will be hosted here and the primary contributors will include: Suzanne Mahoney, Garrett Perry, Kristina Mooney, Christina Schmid, and Aaron VanDyke .

We are preparing, writing, thinking, making, and planning for an exhibition that will take place in Minneapolis on Friday, April 9th. The show is entitled, Doctor Brills Left None of His Children Behind.

Please stay tuned over the next month to read and chime in on the call and response format of discussing works and ideas in regards to the exhibition.


3 responses to “We Invite You to Participate:

  1. Can we discuss the concept of catergorizing as a method of making things?

    And also define what making is vs creating?

    And maybe discuss the vanity involved in “making/creating”?

    And discuss the life story of dr brills?

    And discuss dr bills?

    And have fun?!

  2. As far as making vs. creating, I think creating has a bad ring to it. If you “create” something it seems as though you’ve conjured it from thin air. Making seems to imply preexisting material that you employ. This is more accurate to me, I think, especially in the art context. The vanity of creating is imagining you are somehow an author/god, for lack of a better term.

  3. I love making things, whether it is a sandwich or a painting.

    I know why i love making sandwiches, because i need to fulfill the desire of hunger.

    I do not know why i love making art, i honestly dont.

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