Deborah Stratman in Minneapolis and her concerns:

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Artist and filmmaker, Deborah Stratman will be lecturing Thursday, March 18th at MCAD. Her film, O’er the Land will be also be shown tomorrow at the Walker Art Center.

Stratman and poet, Jen Hofer have a book project of images corresponding to a list of 99 concerns. This list of concerns was a response to a project by Keri Butler and Lisa Williams called “List of General Concerns.” To submit your own list of concerns, one can write to:

In my opinion, the most noteworthy concerns of Stratman + Hofer’s list are:

1. Measuring cost in dollar amounts. (#9)
2. The concept of “enough” (#14)
3. That my eyes will not be able to contain all the beauty; that my eyes will be able to contain all the beauty. (#21)
4. Forgetting to listen. Forgetting to touch. Forgetting the impossible genius of momentary connections. Forgetting to call. Forgetting to care. Forgetting. (#30)
5. That damaging accidents will befall me or those I love. That serendipitous joyous accidents will cease to befall me or those I love. (#33)
6. Hatred in the heart’s history (from Jen Bervin’s, Nets)
7. Being incapable of feeling pain (#70)
8. Blank looks on people’s faces; blithely carrying on as if nothing; seeming not to care; not caring. (#91)
9. 1. Mutilations, disappearance, excessive force, proliferation, incarceration, solitary, guns instead of books, statistics as a primary mode of understanding, mass graves, mass markets, fences built to keep them out or us in. (#93)
10. The inability to trust impulses. Marking out a trajectory before it’s been lived. (#95)
11. Finality (#96)
12. That there are no times of day, at least where I live, when I don’t hear a constant background wash of white-noise. (#46)
13. The compulsive erection of fences and walls. (#23)

Stratman website

Due to today’s festivities, I would like to conclude with some images from the Fatherland:


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