‘Paintings i like’ featuring texture

‘Paintings I like’ is going to be feature, hopefully weekly, about paintings I like. I plan on finding a common thread between the paintings and briefly analyzing why I like it. I’ll feature both well-known and emerging artists together.

 Featured artists will either have a link to their work or not.. Emerging artists will have a link to their site, or where I found their work. Established artists will not because you can probably just google them and find info..

*Note: I know that some of the artists i feature as ’emerging’ might be considered established. This system is just an easy way to categorize the two groups.

So, first up Texture!

Here are some examples of artists that use texture in their painting process. All of these artists have inspired me at one point of my career. Their use of texture is either tactile or visual.

Lucian Freud

Freud has always been a huge influence on my work. He is a master of texture and brush stroke.

Scott Taylor

I discovered Taylor in 2006 on a random website, I’ve been a huge fan ever since. I actually emailed him once, and he responded quickly and was extremely nice and encouraging. check out his paintings here

Fanny Bostrom

Bostrom uses visual and tactile texture together in rich harmony. View more here.

Allison Schulnik

Schulnik might be the best example of tactile texture. She has a background in stop-motion animation and has recently directed a grizzly bear video ‘ready able’, which is amazing. check out her work here

Paco Pomet

Pomet doesn’t use texture in every painting, but the paintings that do have texture are great. More paintings here.

Chaim Soutine

Sountine paints the best meat in art history ever, the texture is truly amazing. this image doesn’t do the painting justice. Please goto your nearest Art Museum and look at one in person.

Philip Guston

I love Guston always have and probably always will, once again please goto an Art museum and look at in person.

Jenny Saville

Saville is a truly talented painter. by the way ‘talented’ is a word which i do not use lightly. The use of brush stroke to convey visual texture is sublime.

Wayne Thiebaud

I want to eat some of Thiebaud’s paintings. His use of paint to convey the texture of cakes and sweets is just well, sweet.

Kelsey Brooks

Brooks might be the best example of visual texture, i love the technique used in these paintings. more of his amazing work here

Tasha Amini

Amini’s painting are another great example of visual texture. The use of line to show texture is very effective. check out more work here

Kyle Green

And last but not least is Kyle Green’s painting of a cat. Cause i love paintings of cats. i think i might end every ‘painting i like’ feature with a painting of a cat. Why not? see some more of Green’s work here.

Thanks for reading and please leave questions, comments or suggestions. thanks.


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